Please contact us for the rentable area information of Teknokent before your application.

Project Delivery
  • In order to operate within the Göller Region Technopolis, you must have a Public Supported (KOSGEB, TUBITAK, EU, etc.) or Equity Supported R&D project and must be submitted to us.
  • R&D Project applications are made through the "Online Application" menu under the "Online Transactions" menu on our website.
  • We also recommend that you review the "How to Register" menu under the "Online Transactions" menu.
  • Public Funded R&D Projects are not subject to peer review and are exempt from the evaluation fee.
  • Equity-funded R&D Projects are subject to peer review. You can access the current referee evaluation fee from the account numbers section
  • Account information is available in the "Account Numbers" section.
  • Please write "Company / Entrepreneur Name Project Evaluation Fee" in the description section and send the receipt of your payment to
  • Your submitted project will first be pre-evaluated.
  • If it does not pass the pre-evaluation stage, the project will be returned to you for correction.
  • A period of 15 calendar days is given for corrections. Corrections submitted after the 15th calendar day will not be evaluated.
  • After passing the preliminary evaluation stage, it is evaluated by a total of 3 (three) referees consisting of 2 (two) academicians and 1 (one) sector representative who are experts in their fields.
  • After your project, which is accepted by at least two referees, is approved by the "Project Evaluation Board", the lease agreement process is started.
Company Documents

In order to start operating in Göller Region Technopolis, the following documents must be sent with electronic signature via EBYS and new ones must be submitted within 10 (ten) business days in case of any changes.

1- Copy of the Company Trade Registry Gazette

2- Copy of Company Tax Certificate

3- Acceptance certificate according to the type of project support (KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK, EU etc.)

4- Notarized signature circular of the authorized person(s)

5- Academic/student status certificate (via e-government)

6- Resumes of company partners

7- Certificate of Activity (Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, etc.)

8- "Assignment Certificate" from their universities for academic staff

Ministry of Industry and Technology Information System (Tys Portal)
  • In order to benefit from the support and exemptions provided by the Ministry of Industry and Technology to companies located in Technology Development Zones, all project data and reports must be entered completely into the TYS Portal (
  • It is among the obligations of the companies to ensure the accuracy, follow-up and timeliness of the aforementioned entries. Otherwise, companies are responsible for any sanctions that may arise with the relevant Ministries.


  • All companies operating within the Göller Region Technopolis must use the Electronic Document Management System. Companies must make all their correspondence with the Managing Company through this system.
  • Since you will need to have an electronic signature to use EBYS, if you do not have an e-signature, please obtain an e-signature as soon as you start operating in our organization.
Office/Laboratory Allocation
  • With the approval of your project by the "Project Evaluation Board", the most suitable office/laboratory within the Göller Region Technopolis is determined and the lease agreement is signed with e-signature via EBYS.
About Project Bill of Materials
  • The official submission of the list of domestic/imported machinery, equipment and consumables to be used in public or equity-funded R&D projects to Göller Bölgesi Teknokenti Yönetici ve İşletici A.Ş. is mandatory.
  • If your material list has not been entered or approved during the project application phase and these materials are necessary for your project, the machinery-equipment list must be entered via TYS Portal. Once this list is approved by us, it cannot be changed by you. In order to benefit from the exemption, you need to select the machinery/equipment/consumables from the current registered list with their quantities, make a notification from TYS Portal and send the printed list with a letter via EBYS. You can access the Machine Equipment List Application Fee from the account numbers section.
  • Göller Bölgesi Teknokenti Yönetici ve İşletici A.Ş. will make exemption approval for the materials and quantities approved by the referee after the referee evaluation.


“Rent Fee or Project Evaluation Fee” to Halk Bank Süleyman Demirel Uydu Şb. / Göller Bölgesi Teknokent Account

Branch No: 1339 Account No: 10100006

IBAN No: TR12 0001 2001 3390 0010 1000 06


Project Evaluation Fee 7,200 TL

Machinery Equipment List Application Fee 2.500 TL

(Please send us the receipt by e-mail. Be sure to ask about the Teknokent’s rentable area status before depositing).

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