What is R&D?

Research and development to increase the body of knowledge of culture, people and society and use it to design new processes, systems and applications

It is the processes and results of processes created with the idea of a new product, service, application, method or business model that can respond to social and economic needs, can be successfully offered to existing markets or can create new markets.

Capital companies having their legal or business headquarters in Turkey, including the workplaces of non-resident taxpayer corporations in Turkey; organized as a separate unit within the organizational structure

A project whose purpose, scope, general and technical description, duration, budget, special conditions, in-kind and/or cash support amounts to be provided by other institutions, organizations, real and legal persons, and the sharing principles of the intellectual property rights that will arise as a result have been determined and prepared within the framework of scientific principles and in a nature to determine every stage of R&D activities

Projects of scientific and technological nature to be carried out by more than one organization in order to increase productivity by designing new processes, systems and applications by taking advantage of economies of scale and to provide higher added value than the current situation, to develop common parts or systems or to establish platforms before competition, within the scope of a cooperation agreement for R&D activities based on feasibility

Capital support to encourage students, master’s or doctoral students who can graduate from any undergraduate program of universities providing formal education within one year, or persons who have received one of their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees at most five years before the pre-application date, to transform their technology and innovation-oriented business ideas into enterprises with high potential to create added value and qualified employment within the framework of a business plan that is deemed appropriate to be supported by the public administrations within the scope of central government that provide the support

Researchers and technicians directly involved in R&D activities;

1) Researcher: Experts with at least a bachelor’s degree who are involved in the design or creation of new information, products, processes, methods and systems and the management of related projects in R&D activities and projects within the scope of the definition of innovation,

2) Technician People who have higher education in engineering, science and health sciences or graduated from technical science and health departments of vocational high schools or vocational colleges and have technical knowledge and experience

Managers, technical staff, laborers, laborers, secretaries, workers and similar personnel participating in R&D activities or directly related to these activities